Advantages and disadvantages of the anti -aging system cenegenics

Medical field is the weirdest field in which each and every thing has its own advantages and its own disadvantages. Now cenegenics which is ananti-aging is a huge field that has many aspects which are good and also bad. As aging is a natural process and changing nature is not easy, especially when it comes to human life things get complicated with minor mistakes. Now let’s go through some of the advantages and disadvantages of cenegenics.

Everyone wants to live long and happy. But the process of aging takes away all joy and energy slowly. By passing time humans become weaker and are unable to perform as their young age, as it is said “what goes up comes down as well”. So does the human body as a person grows in age he becomes stronger but after 55 years of age the process of physical decline happens. And to stop all this cenegenics is the way out. Through medicines and therapies the doctors ensure a very healthy lifestyle for an individual. Through cenegenics it is seen that people live longer and better.
Regular blood tests and therapies done ensure that the person taking up this cenegenics treatment has the best possible knowledge of his or her body. And yes the physical exercises and therapies given are also very soothing in nature. These all help to boost the self-confidence of a person.
As aging is a natural process cenegenics cannot fully ensure that a person will live fit and longer. And in some cases due to wrong medicine people suffer a lot. In some cases people have faced major health issues and in some cases had to go for surgeries as well. In some cases due to the higher dose of medicines people have ended up having more drastic diseases than before. Then comes the cost $12000 plus in a year that is too much for a normal person.
$1000 for a month moreover $600 to $900 for blood tests and upon that specialist doctor’s fee is about $100 for one visit. Moreover the cost of medicines is also high as these are high dose medicines and special medicines are also very costly about $50 each. So in short you need to be rich in order to go for a cenegenics anti-aging treatment.