Eye Exams Without Dilation – The Walmart Eye Exam

The Walmart Eye Exam offers a panoramic view of the rear of an individual’s eye (the retina). The view supplied by the optomap shows up to 80% of the retina without dilating the patient’s eyes.
How Can the Optomap Work
The patient puts their eye to be photographed up to the device and the physician’s assistant positions the patient for a photo and shoots the image. The optomap gets its picture in only 1/4 of a second. The photographer shoots two pictures and assesses the pictures. In the event the pictures appear good the same thing is repeated on the 2nd eye. The picture shot enables the physician to see up to 80% of the retinal fundus at one time. The picture could possibly be magnified or controlled for an improved view. Written notes can accompany the image file should it need to be e-mailed to the individual or a different physician. Different wavelengths of laser light used to shoot the picture could be filtered enabling distinct layers of the retina to be assessed.

Exactly why is This Better Than Dilation
The optomap isn’t always a lot better than dilation. The Walmart Eye Exam is a good tool to make use of in addition to dilation or when a patient cannot, or doesn’t need to be dilated.
Sometimes the perspective given by the optomap is superior to that of pupil dilation. By way of example, a patient which is quite light sensitive will most likely refuse to own their pupils dilated due to the pain they experience due to the glowing lights. The dilated view afforded the physician of an incredibly photosensitive patient is frequently inferior as it’s problematic for the individual to maintain their eyes open or to look in the proper way. The optomap records an image having a short flash that even light sensitive patients tend not to object to, enabling the to physician view the results without distress to the individual. The optomap allows for a much more comfy retinal exam. The optomap can be utilized as a retinal health screening tool, enabling the physician to focus the dilated retinal exam on places that need a much better view or additional investigation.
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