How to make your house termite and bugs proof?

กำจัดปลวก (Termite) is something that no one wants into his or her house or office ever. It is told that there is kind of more than a billion bugs per one human on the earth. Though not every bug wants to come into your house to destroy your home and furniture slowly and silently but these termites want to do so. Whether you are the owner of your house or you live in rented one, you will never want this creature into your house. Once the pests enter into your house, it will be tough to eliminate rodents or termites. So you must keep precautious before they can attack.

There are mainly two kinds of termites shown into domestic property such as:
1. Dry wood termites
2. Subterranean termites
Dry wood termites comparatively do less damage than subterranean termites. Subterranean termites need to have soil contact to live, they grow really faster, and they are large in size also. On the other hand, dry wood termites need wood contact as their name also suggests. They damage slowly, and they are smaller in size also.
As it is a tough job to get rid of these pests from your house so you need pay attention from the very beginning that the termites can’t grow or enter into your house. So here are some points you may follow to keep termites away from your house.
Inspect your house regularly:
You need to inspect your total house properly. Inspect the drainage system, the pipelines; and if any leakage is there repair that as soon as possible because that can be the entering way for the termites.

Don’t keep landscape and keep leftover woods away:
Don’tleave any unused wood for so many times near your house. Dry wood termites can grow into them. Also don’t keep much soil area into your house too.
Done pest controlling to control termites:
Whether your house is infected or not with termite you need to do at least a pest control in your house yearly; that will lower the risk of any kind of insects or pests to grow into your house.