How will you find out the list of best movie documentaries for the year 2016?

How can you choose the best documentary?
Though there are lots of documentaries are being produced at present for showing through different media such as television, cinema hall, the internet etc. but all of them are not very good. Sometimes people are confused to choose the best documentary that can provide both amusements as well as knowledge. But, you need not be worried – there is some really good documentary movies are also composting every year.
To choose the perfect amusing and knowledgeable documentary film, you should go through the internet and search the reviews of different audiences who have made different comments on different documentary films. From such reviews you will understand which documentary films are real and which are not.
There are some sites that generally choose ten or twenty or one hundred best documentaries and listed those rank wise. You should watch documentaries which are on the top ranking. These sites make the list of best documentaries in each year and from the internet you will surely get these lists of documentaries.
Some famous documentary films for the year 2016:
• No Home Movie, name of the director is Chantal Akerman which has been released on 1st April
• The Other Side, released on 20th May, Director – Roberto Minervini
• The Event, released on 15th August. Director – Sergei Loznitsa
• My Love, Don’t Cross That River, released on 17th June, Director – Jin Mo-young
• Author: The JT LeRoy Story, name of the Director Jeff Feuerzeig (The Devil and Daniel Johnston), released on 9th September, 16
• Dark Horse, released on 6th May, Director – Louise Osmond (Deep Water)
• Tickled, released on 17th June, Director David Farrier and Dylan Reeve
• Trapped, the name of the Director Dawn Porter, released on 4th March.
• Unlocking the Cage, Director’s name Chris Hegedus and D.A. Pennebaker, released on 25th May
• The city of Gold, Name of Director – Laura Gabbert, released on 11th Marcy.
To have a great experience you can watch any one or more popular documentaries online or at your nearest cinema hall. Click here for more information new documentaries