Private Proxies: Make Your Server More Safe and Secured

In this modern age as well as computer world, private proxies , these two terms are not so much known. Only the persons who are using it they know it very well. In this article, you will get information regarding this matter. But first of all, you should know about proxy.

What is called proxy?
In simple words, Proxy means a person will get the authorization to act or perform on behalf of some other person. This term is quite popular among all. In their school days, college days, in various gathering lots of people use it. It is very much common in the official matter also. The origin of this term is English word procures.
What is called private proxies?
It is basically an application or a buffer system between two entities, one is you, and another one is the website you are looking at. It is just like a hide and seeks game. When someone uses it, the proxy helps to hide the user’s presence. It is a server, which is used by only one person at the same time. It is exclusive.
Some common features
• A proxy server exists in user’s personal computer.
• There is a gateway involved in it through which the proxy server conveys the user’s requests.
• It is the IP address protector.
• It is possible to lock your server through this.
• No can access it without your concern.
• It is HTTP and HTTPS supporter.
• Some proxies are free of cost and others are chargeable.
Few advantages can be explained
Private Proxies provide following advantages:
• It has high anonymity. It will hide your present location, browsing history and much more.
• Monthly IP refreshment helps in making the smooth billing process.
• Easy account control is also possible.
There are lots of proxy servers are available. You should choose your private proxies as per your need or use.