There are different types of Sachs performance Clutch

Sachs produces the quality automotive parts and clutches for vehicles. Sachs offers best Sachs Koppeling to ensure one time replacement. Sachs produces thousands of clutches for commercial, personal and sports vehicles in a day to exact OE specifications. There are different types of clutches according to the plates –
• Single plate clutches
• Twin plate clutches
• Multi plate clutches
Single plate clutches
There are different types of Sachs embraiagem. A single plate clutch is fixed between the flywheel and a pressure plate. Pressure plate and flywheel rotates with the engine and driving shafts. Flywheel, clutch plate, pressure plate, clutch over the assembly, primary shaft, release mechanism, withdrawal force and rearing are the most important part of single plate clutches. The pressure plate towards flywheel pushes the clutch plate. It works very fast with producing low heat so that there is no need for a cooling medium. But it has low torque transmitting capacity. This type of clutch is communally used in motor vehicles like trucks and cars etc.
Twin plate Sachs Clutch
Nowadays, twin plate clutches are gaining popularity due to the capacity of holding monster power for street and competition. It makes a proper balance between the flywheel and pressure plates. The most important fact is that it is very light weighted. It is manufactured with heavy-duty steel and billets components including high friction clutch compound.
Multi plate clutches
A multi plate clutches consistof more number of clutch plates. Essential parts of multi plate clutch are a clutch basket, driven plates, pressure plates and clutch springs. Some multiple clutches work as a wet clutch. Dry clutches work with high temperature and allow frequent gearshifts without so much loss by heat. These are best Sachs Koppeling for vehicles.