What are the features of Kik application and how to make kik friends?

Of late the Kik application is one such medium which is connecting people from round the globe. What is needed is just the internet connection, and along with it, you need to download the app in Android phone or the iOS device and form an account. That is all, and you get connected with the kik friends.
How do you meet people kik online?
• It is very simple after you make your account in Kik. For forming the account, you need not get kik usernames, put in your age and your gender.
• You have to put the gender and age in order to get the group you belong to. The age and the gender are just enough to get you the required response.
• After that, you can add friends from your contact list, e-mail contacts or even from other social networking sites by inviting them.
• The other is getting back to your school friends or searching them and then adding in your existing friend list.
Various features of the Kik app
• One of the lovely features to start with is the live chatting, and the app shows that you are typing. This is particularly important since you can communicate well with others and get the notifications from them.
• Other than this Kik do not need any phone number to remain connected to other Kik boys or girls.
• Other than regular messages you can exchange messages in the form of pictures, songs, videos, GIFs and other ways which include even sketches.
• You can get your chats customized a make video chats also.
What else is interesting in the application?
• After going kik online,you will find that they have introduced a new and interesting feature which allows you to chat with the not only individual but they have segregated them into groups which are brand loyal for a particular product of a company.
• You can exchange films, songs and exchange media which is known as the bot shop.