What are the ways for air quality testing?

Atmosphere acts as a blanket surrounding the earth from all sides. Air is the most vital constituent part of the atmosphere. It I a mixture of numerous gases like oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other inert gases. Out of these gases the life giving oxygen occupies a pivotal position that invigorates the ailing people and makes them lively and active. It provides them the necessary strength and energy to continue their daily activities and perform their multiplicity of works very smoothly and with a renewed vigor and zeal. So regular supply of abundant pure air is a must for the biotic life, however it is really disheartening that the air quality is getting deteriorated day by day due to the addition of harmful pollutants to the atmosphere in the form of poisonous gases and fumes from factories, industries, vehicles, turning of fuel wood, plastics, coal tars and crackers etc.

So scientists are vey mush concerned about this air quality testing. They are trying to install air quality testing devices in the most populous and crowded cities to know the percentage of pollutants in the atmosphere as air quality testing is the urgent need of the hour to save the human population from extinction, the scientists are trying to check the emission of harmful gases from the chimneys of the huge industries by fixing such devices that would filter the polluted air and exit only the pure air containing non poisonous gases.

air quality testing devices should be fitted in industries as well as on homes, offices and hotels in order to ensure adequate supply of oxygen free from smoke, dirt and dust. All the people should co-operate while heartedly and join their hands together in the air quality testing mission to live a wholesome life. The Government should also make certain legislation for installing air quality testing devices inside the office, industries, home etc to evaluate and monitor the air supply to the workers, professionals and other building occupants.

Air quality testing is highly needed in the wake of rapid industrialization and modernization. But this task can be accomplished fully with a tremendous zeal, active participation and positive approach of the people.